Central area but not too much


We are in the center, yes, but not too much: just in dim light, close to the heart of the city, strictly pedestrian, but with the possibility of passing through (with appropriate residents’ permit) and even parking, while feeling one with the neighboring known streets dedicated to commerce and walking. Yep, just on the sidelines, a dislocated area, so that you can experience all this up close, without the need to respect the restrictions that are a few steps away, simply by crossing a road. We are in adherence to the nucleus of Lucca’s center, and although this area hasn’t paid parking, in a five-minute walk you can reach the parking lots in the surrounding areas; for the residents, on the other hand, there are several important squares scattered around the area: Del Carmine Square, Bernardini Square and Dei Servi Square, which have several reserved parking spaces. Moreover, even the carriageways of comfortable streets such as Della Fratta Street, Mordini Street and partly Guinigi Street, are bordered by several parking spaces. Whoever decides to come and live in the heart of Lucca, knows that he’ll certainly have no parking problems. Schools/institutes in this area:

– Boccherini Higher Institute of Musical Studies;

– G. Pascoli State Primary School;

– Il Giardino Kindergarten;

– Agorà Civic Library;

– San Romano Auditorium;

Among the attractions, we remember the Tower, the Guinigi Museum and the Agorà Civic
Library, as well as the various neighborhood shops in Santa Croce Street and Mordini Street.

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