Central Area – Lucca’s heart


We are in the real heart of Lucca, in the middle of the arboreal circle of ancient memory, a jewel of the city and of the whole of Italy. This is the most known and photographed Lucca (http://www.comune.lucca.it/home), seen and shown on the internet, TV, newspapers. Not for nothing.

Bordered to the north by Fillungo Street, the main commercial and worldly street of the city center, enclosed laterally to the east between Guidiccioni Square/Del Gallo Street and San Michele Square to the west, it’s full of life and artistic and architectural jewels. The 6th century Cathedral of San Martino (https://www.museocattedralelucca.it/cattedrale-lucca/) is the oldest in Tuscany. Napoleone Square, surrounded by planes and with the Palazzo Ducale (http://www.palazzoducale.lucca.it/) in the background, is one of the main squares of Lucca within the walls. Then we have the Torre delle Ore, the highest tower of the many remaining in the city. Anfiteatro Square, another pearl of Lucca, elliptical in shape and built on the remains of the ancient Roman amphitheater, is today full of pubs, tables and people.

The romanesque church of San Michele, with an Angel guarding a façade that would only be wrong to describe it. Come to see it and tell us if you don’t want to become experts too in this splendid agglomeration of art, life and architecture. Because then there are the buildings, the houses, the ever shimmering views, the alleys. Lucca’s heart will steal your heart. Assured.

For non-residents there is no way to park, but this is understandable, while those who resides in the center can enjoy ample parking areas here too. Five important squares in adherence to this central area have dozens of reserved parking spaces just a few minutes’ walk away. In addition, in three daily time bands, it is also allowed to transit and load/unload directly in the pedestrian area:

  • Sant’Alessandro Square 
  • Del Carmine Square 
  • Della Colonna Mozza Square (S. Maria forisportam) 
  • S. Pietro Somaldi Square 
  • Bernardini Square;
  • De’ Servi Square
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