Towards East


Large area of the center of Lucca that extends vertically from north-east to south-east, along the towering perimeter of the walls. This is the part between Bacchettoni Street and the characteristic street Via dei Fossi, a symbol of Lucca which was the european capital of silk between the 12th and 13th centuries. In fact, inside the hovels that stood on the sides of the canal, entire families dedicated to dyeing and manifacturing the precious cloth. Follow it slowly, and let the rustle of the water in the ditch evoke in you the images of a lost time.

In the extreme south area we find the wonderful botanical garden (, an island of peace and biodiversity covering almost two hectares. It was Maria Luisa di Borbone who wanted it at the beginning of the 19th century, and since then it has certainly been the most precious garden in Lucca.

This area is one of the most accessible by car, largely without the need of a permit; it is also one of the richest in parking lots, both paid and for residents only. Pedestrian islands, cafes, pastry shops and pizzerias make it pleasant to stroll, in a sparkling and relaxed atmosphere.

We remind you that in this part of the city there is the Lu.C.C.A. museum (, the Tuscan Cinema Academy, and a series of pleasant smaller churches, plus two playparks under the renaissance walls. Numerous, as already mentioned, the parking spaces available:

  • Mazzini;
  • Bacchettoni;
  • Beato Luca Passi Street.
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