Towards North


Small portion bounded to the south by the renowned Fillungo Street, it extends up to the northern perimeter of the walls including the whole town that overlooks Michele Rosi Street. It’s an area known thanks to the presence of two large attractive poles: San Frediano’s Basilica , in the homonymous square, characterized by the facade covered with mosaics of the 12th century. Not far away we have the Real Collegio, one of the major exhibition centers in the region of Lucca, with over one hundred thousand visitors a year. Recently redeveloped and renovated, it offers the citizens conference rooms and exhibition galleries, concert spaces and two cloisters in which to stroll.

The parking situation for residents or persons with permit is excellent: spots are present throughout the area. Four large spaces used are:

  • Santa Maria Parking area
  • Martiri della Libertà Parking area
  • Collegio Square
  • Sant’Agostino Square
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