Towards West


The north-western area of the center, which starts in the south from Piazzale Verdi and following the Vittorio Emanuele Street turns north into Sant’Alessandro Square, surrounding the historic district delimited by San Paolino Street, Santa Giustina Street and San Giorgio Street. From here it goes as far as street Via delle Conce or ‘in Pelleria’, as we from Lucca say: a once infamous neighborhood where in ancient times the skins were tanned and dyed.

It’s a variegated area: from the bustling life of San Paolino Street and the surrounding districts, rich in commercial activities, clubs and historic buildings, up to Pelleria, where the voices are slowly extinguished and the houses lowered; here your walk will take on a more meditative and relaxed, and only your steps will keep you company, together with the splendid views of one of the most fascinating corners of the historic center of Lucca. Every now and then some passing bikes will keep you company. We are in a residential area, know that.

In this district, in addition to many schools and public administration offices, we find the Cinema Moderno and on the eastern border, towards the heart of Lucca, the birthplace of the composer Giacomo Puccini, which is now a museum ( /)

The San Donato playpark is a nice attraction for those with children: totally redeveloped in

  • Magione Square;
  • Street Via del Pallone;
  • Manifattura Parking area;
  • Vittorio Emanuele Street..
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