Do you want to sell?

These are our services for sellers:

Expert advice and dedicated real estate agent

Being able to count on an expert person who clearly provides the right information for selling a house is essential in a complex sector such as real estate. Our real estate agents offer professional advice tailored to each type of property, committing to follow and manage the entire sales process.

Professional photo and video services

High-quality images and an eye-catching presentation make the difference between a successful sale and a missed opportunity. This is why it is essential to present a property in the best possible way and in high quality by offering a tailor-made professional photographic service, which allows you to capture the essence and unique characteristics of your property.
Creating an immersive visual experience for potential buyers is already a step towards making them feel at home.

Virtual Tour

Thanks to our new technologies, we are able to offer 3D virtual tour. This solution allows our customers to visit different properties in a few minutes, without leaving their home or office, evaluating the spaces and living this interactive experience completely.

Real estate portals

For us it is essential to present the property in the correct way, protecting the owner’s privacy and, at the same time, maximizing its potential. This is why we publish property listings on carefully selected portals, guaranteeing immediate visibility thanks to a large range of real estate websites, from the most used nationally and internationally to those specialized in specific market targets.

Marketing services

In addition to the real estate portals, we take care of our presence on the web:

  • Starting from writing the advert from a persuasive and emotional perspective, in order to evoke the experience of the property itself, enhancing its qualities and allowing the buyer to become familiar with the house even before seeing it in person.

  • Brand identity and brand awareness: over the years we have built a strong image which has led us to an increase in brand recognition and an increase in potential customers.

  • Social media: A powerful tool that builds trust, visibility and contacts. We know how important it is to establish an authentic connection with our potential customers by offering an effective and engaging communication channel. Through images, we offer an authentic view of our products and services, showing our dedication and passion for what we do.

  • Website for creating a positive first impression. It’s like introducing yourself to the client during a first date. It is our online face that represents who we are and what we offer. It is the online face that represents who we are and what we offer, which is why we have recreated a welcoming and informative environment for visitors, providing them with a complete vision of our solutions.

  • Offline: before inserting the property on the portals, we will select and send a preview of the property to users who have an active corresponding request.

Consulting service and industry professionals available

If necessary, we have a team of real estate professionals, including builders, surveyors and notaries, to guarantee you the best performance and facilitate you in the most complex issues to achieve your goal.

“Living up!” Guarantee

Using all our services, we are sure to find the right buyer for you! If not, don’t worry, we have a solution for this too. With our Living Up! guarantee, if you don’t receive any purchase offer in four months, we will refund you, leaving you the material worth over 800€ for free to sell even without us.

Here’s what you can take home:
1. APE – energy performance certificate, mandatory for sale.
2. Professional video and photo service of your property
3. Virtual tour
4. Documents related to urban planning control (also necessary for the sale)

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